Essay about The Birth Control Of Women

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Around the world, women have small alarms going off, reminding them to take their daily pill, which helps prevent pregnancies. Less than sixty years ago, women would not have had this privilege, but instead would heavily rely on men to provide some sort of birth control method. However, thanks to Margaret Sanger, women have the right to choose their form of birth control. Sanger’s legacy consists of many, even now, controversial movements, including the legalization of women’s birth control, the creation of Planned Parenthood clinics and the start of a revolution in sex education for women. She is also seen by many as a bigot and a racist leading to the use of her image against her own causes. Though Sanger did not single handily bring a revolution to the front, she is one of the key contributors to the cause. Without her, modern sex would be drastically different.
Being the middle child of eleven, Margaret Sanger got to watch first hand the effects that limited birth control had on a family. Sanger’s mother suffered from an active tubercular which worsened with each pregnancy and miscarriage she had (Coates, 2008). By the end of her life, she had given birth eleven times and suffered seven miscarriages (Gray, 1979). It was also clear to Sanger that there was a difference between her poor family, who constantly struggled for everything, and the rich family that one of her sisters was a maid for. Quickly, she realized it was due to the fact there was only two or three…

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