Essay about The Birth Control Of Margaret Sanger

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Known as a birth control activist, Margaret Sanger, gave her famous speech, The Children’s Era, in 1925. The Children’s Era started the battle for birth control and contraceptives. When Sanger was only 19 she watched her mother die from Tuberculosis. Sanger believed she died from the strain of having eleven children and seven miscarriages. At her own mother’s funeral Sanger turned to her father to say, “You caused this. Mother is dead from having too many children." This horrifying experience leads to Sanger’s determination. Trying to escape her mother 's death, Sanger left her hometown to attend nursing school and eventually became a nurse in New York. While working as a nurse she saw many women faced with her own personal tragedy. Sanger then realized it was her call for action, she began to shift her attention from nursing to finding a solution. She then began her lifelong research for birth control, the term she is credited with creating. By the early 1920’s, she began traveling and opening clinics to spread the word. In 1925, Sanger gave the speech The Children’s Era. Sanger’s goal of this speech was to show the importance of birth control, she used rhetorical devices such as metaphors, pathos, repetition, and alliteration to meet this goal. The Children’s Era pointed out the results of the lack of birth control options. Sanger wanted women to have options. She claims that too many children were being born into the world “unwelcome, unwanted, unprepared for, and…

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