The Birds By Alfred Hitchcock Essay examples

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In Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds,” the idea of feminism can be said to have a strong impact and importance throughout the film. This idea is brought out from Hitchcock’s depiction of the women in the film. It can be said that Hitchcock is against feminism from his metaphorical use of the bird attacks to punish the women for stepping into male realms. In the analysis of feminism among the female characters, I will use mainly the characters Melanie Daniels and Lydia Brennan since they are the main ones in showing a contrast relating to feminism. To make clear, feminism can be simply thought of as the idea of women being equal to men on social, political, and economic grounds. The idea of feminism displayed in the film comes mainly from the social standpoint. The character which Hitchcock uses to mainly express the idea of women assuming male roles is none other than the main character Melanie Daniels. At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Melanie Daniels who can be seen as an independent woman and also a woman who will go to lengths to get what she wants. Hitchcock shows her escape into the male realm at the beginning of the film firstly through her appearance. At the beginning of the film, she is seen wearing a black suit with a small purse at her side. Instead of dressing in way that mirrors the image of the other women seen on the screen, she is dressed in a way that mirrors the image of the men. This gives the viewer a sense of her deviance from her…

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