The Biopsychosocial Model

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The biopsychosocial model is a model which describes, explains and attributes how our behavior, emotions, and thinking are related to our biology, psychology, and social interaction.
This Model also attributes disease and disorder outcome to three major factors such as biological, this can include genetics and biochemistry, psychological, this can include mood and personality, and finally social. Social can include cultural influences and familial situations.
In this post I will discuss these various aspects of human nature such as psychology, biology, and socialt interactions, and how they intricatelly interact to explain biopsychosocial model,. And How this explains human behavior, emotions and thinking.

One of the first and foremost factors, from the biopsychosocial model that can help in explaining the behavior and thinking in humans, including how disorders and diseases are caused, is human biology. There are many aspects of human biology that effect and contribute to the overall behavior humans exhibit. One of these factors is described in chapter 2 of the text. This topic is on related to humans brain regions and how they effect psychological aspects of funtioning. A few
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This is directly linked to the idea of cognition. Because these complex social interactions are only possible from a intelligent being. Emotions are also very driven by outer social influence such as family and friends.In contrast to this, our emotions can also be drawn from instinctive biological aspects of human nature. One example of this would be a hungry child. He or she would experience hunger pangs, this would in turn trigger neurochemicals that would suppress dopamine and seratonin. This would ultimately cause the child to feel emotional distress and pain. So in this fashion the ideas of chapter 9 and emtions are still oberved to have a connectino to chapter 7 and ther overall biopsychosocial

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