The Biomedical Model Social Models Of Health Essay

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Patterns in health continue to change along with the factors that affect one’s health. In most developed countries there are significant health differences which exist between socio-economic groups. The gap between rich and poor continues to produce low levels of social cohesion and create barriers which affect health outcomes. Cigarette smoking continues to be an issue as it causes many diseases and reduces the health of smokers. This assignment will be comparing the biomedical model to social models of health which will be applied in relation to trends in smoking-related conditions.

Patterns and views of health and illness have changed as they encompass experiences and events which reach beyond the individual level. In the past, living and working conditions would have resulted in lower life expectancy. Access to healthcare services would have also been limited due to various geographic and economic barriers (Cheung & Didham, 2011). Today, access to, as well as the use of primary health care services is high with 93.3% of all adults visiting a primary health care provider when ill (Ministry of Health, 2008). Improvements in the quality and provision of services have resulted in the change in health patterns and views relative to context, development of technology as well as the models of health used (Cheung & Didham, 2011). Although global patterns of health have evolved overtime, the disparities between groups of individuals continue to widen in most developed…

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