The Biological Theory Of Crime Essay

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Case Summary:

A theory is defined by explanations which explain why , or either how specific things are linked to the cause of criminal behavior (Bohm & Vogel, 2010). The components of crime-related theories are biological and psychological factors, along with sociological, including economical factors (Bohm & Vogel, 2010).
Biological Theories:

The biological theory of crime is the theory that the reason people commit crimes are because of biological flaws such as genetic defects or some other type of physical defect, example, some abnormalities in the brain (Boyd, 2016).

Psychological Theories:

The factors of crime based on psychological theories suggests that the behavior of criminals are caused by differences in a person’s way of thinking (Boyd, 2016). Each of these psychological theories suggests that people’s thoughts govern the things that they do (Boyd, 2016). This theory also suggests that one’s way of thinking can cause criminal behavior because of the depletion of certain necessities in one’s life (Boyd, 2016). The four major assumptions to the psychological rationale are:(I). Failures in Psychological Development: Is when a person’s crimes are caused due to flaws in how they are developed psychologically (Boyd, 2016). A person that is not fully developed has no rationale that allows them to make the distinguishment between right and wrong, example,some criminally insane patients in asylums who lacks any feelings of guilt or sorrow about the crimes they…

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