The Biological Side Of Human Behavior Essay

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This essay will compare three different approaches within psychology, those being Biological, Behavioural and Humanistic. It will discuss the differences between methodology, strengths, weaknesses and treatments.
The oxford dictionary defines biology as 'relating to biology or living organisms '. Which is exactly what The Biological approach to psychology does. Its focuses on the biological side of human behaviour, claiming most psychological problems will be found in their genes or through chemical imbalances. Within The Biological approach there are 3 further set approaches being, The Nativist, who focus more on genes and the inheritance of behaviour, The Physiological, who focus on neurotransmitters and synapses and the body systems, and The Medical, who focus on the physical causes such as micro-organisms, genetics, biochemistry and neuroanatomy.
In contradiction to The Biological approach The Behavioural approach strongly supports the theory that all human behaviour is learnt. Through past experiences and the environment it suggests we acquire our behaviour. It supports the idea that our behaviour is a result of either classical or operant conditioning. Classical conditioning consists of natural stimuli creating a response, whereas operant uses punishments and reinforcement to either develop or diminish behaviour.
The humanistic approach believes that every individual is unique and is capable or self-healing. It suggests that each individual is striving to be the best…

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