The Biological Development Stuff Essay

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I want to first start by saying that I am really enjoying this class. Being a Chem: Pre-Med major I have had a lot of the biological development stuff, but being able to see it from a psychology stand point is really amazing. It has allowed me to see a baby not as just a fertilized egg, but an actual human. These first few chapters have also allowed me to understand how I have become who I am today. I want to begin by touching on how absolutely fascinated I was learning the specifics about the development of a baby, first from a zygote then to a fetus then to an embryo. As I mentioned in our discussion, I had no idea that fertilization actually occurs in the fallopian tubes. I thought that that only happened by accident and the result was an ectopic pregnancy. Although that was an embarrassing fact to learn, I now understand better why it is so hard for the sperm to find the egg, as the fallopian tubes are much further than the uterus, which is where I thought that fertilization actually happened. I also never realized what the sperm go through once they enter the vagina. This is more related to my human anatomy class I am taking, as we just talked about the embryonic period, but it is crazy that as soon as the sperm enter the vagina they have to go through capacitation. This is a process where the glycoprotein layer is removed so the receptors of the acrosomal cap, which finds the egg, are exposed. Some sperm do not even make it past this point, let alone to the…

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