The Biological And Physiological Effects Drugs Had On The Human Body

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Despite being the youngest of fifteen siblings, I was the first to attend college. Unlike myself, my parents did not have the opportunity to attend primary school. In Syria my father had to start working at the age of nine, and my mother was prevented from learning because of gender discrimination in schools during that time. Seeing my parents’ education stripped away from them has taught me that receiving an education is a privilege, not a right. Once all of my siblings moved out, the responsibility of my elderly parents’ healthcare was left to me. From a young age I informed my parents how many pills they needed to take. When I became old enough I would drive them to their doctor appointments for examinations and to pharmacies to pick up their medications. From the beginning it was fascinating to me how these drugs are helping my parents live longer and healthier lives. At first I was only interested in the biochemical and physiological effects drugs had on the human body. I began to have aspirations to become a pharmacist after an incident that occurred five years ago. I remember I was waiting with my mother for hours at the doctor’s office, but when the doctor entered the exam room she was with us for no more then three to four minutes. When she finally looked away from the monitor screen, it was as though she had one eye on my mother and another on the clock. She told us that she would be changing one of my mother’s medications and left. It was not until I talked to…

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