The Biography Of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Everyday people strive to be a better person than they were yesterday and some dare to say what is “perfect” person deemed by society is the ultimate goal. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin provides an insight on Franklin’s inventions, writings, and practices that molded him to the perfect American man. Although Franklin was a tremendous intellectual he was unlike any other human being he was gifted at birth, therefore, during his autobiography it was hard to relate to his story while he preaches to the “normal” citizens. In the autobiography, Benjamin Franklin conveys a list of virtues that he seemed to believe that the public should adopt and eventually live through effortlessly. Franklin was always gifted with determination, leadership and tenacity and with his knowledge he decided to form thirteen virtues that would begin his quest for moral perfection. The thirteen virtues seemed preached rather than suggested. If the virtues are followed one will be in the same moral ranges as the greatest, Franklin. Franklin’s thirteen virtues were important to him,“ I included thirteen names of virtues all that at the time occur’d to me as necessary or desirable…Temperance…Silence…Order…Resolution…Fragility…Industry…Sincerity…Moderation…Cleanliness…Tranquility…Chastity…Humility” (Franklin, 64). When Franklin gives these virtues in order to obtain them one has to be self-aware before they even try to practice them. Franklin does not understand the complexity of self-awareness…

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