The Binds That Tie Summer Solstice And Horror Analysis

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“The Binds That Tie Summer Solstice and Horror Movies”

Written by: Paula Limbaugh and Reviewed by Farrah Hardy

Horror, how I love thee, so many summer camps, so little time. I grew up in a haunted house and in its hay day, a funeral home and a church. Needless to say, I stick to the horror genre because it makes me the happiest. “Write what you know,” is what I’ve been told. If I had my choice, it would always be horror. The title was what this horror and mystical lover yearned for, and soon read on with fascination. Wait that gave me an idea for a synopsis…

While at the same time, it peaked my interest, just enough. Then, after the first few lines, I found a good lead. I was grabbed initially by the hook. Summer and mischief, yes,
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The ending summarized the main point with examples of the ties of horror and summer. Stonehenge is a sacred ground that some say The Druids used and some say the didn’t?

Stonehenge was simply another example of classification of the two other topics. “Some believe it to be a burial ground, others a place of worship and sacrifice. Still, others think that it is a calendar to mark the seasons.” I’m guessing the Celts believed in the place of worship and to mark the calendars. I feel that The Druids believed and used it for burial and sacrifice. They worshiped their Gods there, slaughtered the innocent to protect the barrier, and buried their victims, all in one spot. At least they were respectful and tidy. In addition, people to this day, come from all over to celebrate the sun “sitting” still and taking advantage of the longest day of the year. When your in England, visiting Stonehenge, maybe on this day, you have time on your side, use it. The category of the ending would be, “fluff” the frosting. The article was somewhat light and then heavy and then to balance it out, they must end on themed films like The Wicker Man and the others I mentioned, which makes it fluffy

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