The Bill Of Rights : The Constitution And American Government

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Throughout history, many events have been passed and have made a significant impact on how the United States has changed and improved over time. One of the most known events to happen in history that has impacted the United States is the making of the Bill of Rights. According to our book, By the People, the Bill of Rights “form a crucial feature of the Constitution and of American government”. In the late 1700s there was a lot of controversy on whether or not the Bill of Rights would be beneficial to the Constitution and the United States. Strong arguments on both sides have been made, ranging from the opinions of federalist and antifederalist, and from articles that were discussed in class
Thomas Jefferson once said, "[A] bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse." During the time when the Constitution was being written the antifederalist argued the exact thing Thomas Jefferson had said. They believed and felt it was necessary for a government to allow individuals to protect their own liberties. For some time, it was a fear among the antifederalist that if an individual did not hold personal freedoms, like freedom of speech or the right to bear arms, that the national government would abuse all their power and have similar characteristics to a king. Antifederalist wanted the bill of rights built-in to make sure state governments would not lose all influence that…

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