Essay on The Bill Of Rights And The Constitution

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Although the Government excluded slaves from receiving rights, the Bill of rights and the Constitution mostly reflected the ideals of the Declaration of Independence by treating each state equally, protecting the states and citizens from violence, prioritizing freedoms among citizens that cannot be encroached upon, and permitting the privacy of one’s personal belongings. It could be argued that the ideals of the Declaration of Independence do not reflect the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as slaves were not given equal rights. The southern states wanted to increase their number of representatives in the House of Representatives. To do this, they had to have a greater population, therefore, they generated the idea of counting slaves as part of their census. The North opposed this idea however, allowing the slaves to be counted in the constitution as 3/5ths a person. The constitution stated, “…[population] shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons including those bound to service for a term of two years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other persons.” Treating an individual as less than oneself simply for the color of their skin is without a doubt disrespectful, unjust, and erroneous. Slaves had beating hearts all the same, and were depicted as objects, and property. There is no saying this treatment was just, and it will never be forgotten or forgiven. However, though the government degraded slaves and treated them with…

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