Essay on The Biggest Refugee Crisis Of The Middle East And Africa

1351 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
Over two years ago, the United Nations first warned that there are more than sixty million people around the world that had been forcibly displaced, which is the highest it has ever been since World War Two. The war in Syria has been the single largest driver of refugees in the world. According to Acer (2016), the conflict in Syria has displaced more than eleven million people and about five million have fled the country. Although most of the Syrian refugees are being hosted in neighboring countries, “Europe is experiencing one of the most significant influxes of migrants and refugees in its history.” European leaders and policymakers are now faced with the tough decision of dealing with what many claim to be, “the biggest refugee crisis of the generation.” In 2015, more than a million refugees arrived at Europe’s borders to escape the political violence in the Middle East and Africa. The majority of these refugees pay human traffickers, to smuggle them on hazardous and dangerous vessels across the Mediterranean, and instead of putting together a search and rescue mission the EU focused on border control, which led to thousands of deaths at sea. The EU which was founded on the principles of democracy, human rights, and European solidarity, has failed to collectively respond to the refugee crisis and has thus turned into a humanitarian disaster. The massive wave of refugees also exposed critical weaknesses in the European Union’s asylum system known as the Common European…

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