The Biggest Problem Of Working Families Essay

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Money- The Biggest Problem of Working Families For some people, life is colorful and comfortable. However, to some people life is tough, destitute and merciless. The older people get, the more responsible they are. People need to face with many things in life with many various aspects, some can find the ways to solve the problems, and for some people, especially low income working family.They are still struggling for jobs. and and seeking for better opportunities.Most of them belongs to “working families”. They are a part of the family which has two heads of household work and those people have regular jobs called “blue collar” with a minimum wage and hours of working. The result is that problems come to them easily, especially in the United States. Since the economy of the world gets tougher and tougher, money becomes the biggest problem of low class working families, it can lead these families to various problems such as job opportunities, finance, and young generation.. Money has affected various ways to working poor families, and one of them is “job opportunities”. Working poor class has a lot of fears, one of them comes from unemployment and being laid off. Nowadays, the amount of unemployment and being laid off in the United States has increased each year. The percent of people who are unemployed and laid off, belongs to people in working poor class more than another class. The reason why working poor people are unemployed and laid off easily because…

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