The Biggest Hypocrite, America Essay

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The Biggest Hypocrite; America
Americas foundation is laid upon migrants and foreigners coming from different countries or some far off land; the definition of Immigration. Every single American (except Native Americans) can trace their ancestry back to another corner of the world, such as China, the United Kingdom, South America, and most commonly, Europe. However, even though immigration brought in more culture and diversity, the seeds of Nativism and Xenophobia were spread. America has claimed since its birth that it has had "open arms" to foreigners; however, during the 1920 's, those seeds sprouted and America grew cold shoulders towards immigrants (Anbinder 774).
Most Americans come from a Catholic or Protestant faith and aren 't very tolerant of other religions, or people who aren 't of the Christian faith (Borg 70). When immigration boomed in the early 1900 's, a lot of foreigners were not. Many immigrants who came from China, practiced Buddhism, which follows the teachings of the Buddha, a man who lived early in Chinese history. Chinese mostly came to work on railroads, and they were paid cheaply and gladly worked for the money (Borg 74). Some Christians in early American history aren 't as faithful as they make themselves seem, an example of this is the Salem Witch Trials, in which hundreds of men, women, and children were killed due to lies and false allegations in the early 1700 's, a catalyst of the events that dealt with Christians during the 1920 's…

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