The Bigger Arc Of Canadian History Essay examples

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It seems that Canadian history is more than the story of male politicians or constitutional squabbles. There are even many peoples within Canada, not just one or two. Some threads tie us together but each people and each group have their own view and experience of Canada. History is also more than a collection of dates. To understand who we are and what relevance history has for us today, we must understand the bigger arc of Canadian history and its important phases that can often only be understood with hindsight and multidisciplinary study. We have much to gain by trying to grasp the big history or meta-narrative of our country’s history. Seeing the forest from the trees is important. Understanding the forest, however, requires that you also study the diversity it holds and how all parts interact. To begin, when looking at the large phases, from 1945 to 1960, Canada was in a phase we could refer to as Reconstruction. Like many western industrialised nations at the end of World War 2, Canada saw the return of veterans and the need to transition from a military-industrial economy to an economy focused on public consumption. Canadians sought peace, order and good government after years of Depression and War. Returning veterans, as an influential group, demanded it. However, they also wanted more. Scientific developments and increased wealth led to a more affluent society in which a growing middle class wanted a share of the wealth. This involved taking control of our…

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