The Big Storm - Original Writing Essays

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I don 't remember how many days it 's been since James and I survived the big storm; that claimed two of our very best friends, Mitch and Junior. I don 't remember how long ago the boat ran out of gas or how long ago the GPS system shut down. I don’t remember when James and I had last spoken. It 's not that I don 't remember it 's simply that I have already accepted the fact that James and I are going to die out here at sea. I have accepted the fact that I am never going to go home and see my wife again. I have accepted the fact that my unborn daughter will grow up without her father. I have accepted my death. James on the other hand has not accepted his fate. James is desperately trying to get us home, but there is no hope, his efforts are futile. We have no gas, and no GPS. However we do have plenty of food and water so I guess we will be alright for sometime. I feel as though trying to survive through this dreadful situation is going to be much worse and much more agonizing than ending it all now. As tempting as ending it now is, I owe it to my wife and daughter to fight this and come back home to them. They are my strength that is helping me get through this. They need me and I need them. Many sunny days and many starlit nights have passed since the horrendous storm and now even James is beginning to lose hope. James and I have to think of something, anything to get us off this lonely boat and get us back to our families again. I often find…

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