The Big Five Personality Test Evaluates Five Major Personality Traits

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The Big five personality test evaluates five major personality traits. These traits are referred under the acronym ocean. The acronym stands for openness to experience/intellect, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The test is very short and doesn’t go into great detail on each trait. Cause of the shorten length, the test validity is questionable. However, since the test is short it is fun to compare your scores to how you see yourself or how others view yourself. My openness to experience/intellect score was low, which was surprise me. The test definition of a low score means, that I am conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, and uncreative. I wouldn’t argue the fact that I am conventional, as the definition is open to interpretation on what is conventional and what is unconventional. I also tend to be a down to earth person and keeping to myself. The point of being uncreative was the point I disagree with the most. I find myself always able to find a solution to a problem that is usually different than the way others will. I also don’t see myself as a person of narrow interest. I interested in many things, but like most people I have things I enjoy more than others. The problem is that a high score is define as being original, creative, curious, and complex. The problem is that I am not a complex person. Maybe my score should be more towards the middle. My conscientiousness score was by far my highest score. This score applies that I…

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