The Big Budget Hollywood Movie Essay

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‘Troy’(2004), the big budget hollywood movie, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, was based on the famous Trojan war that was waged against the city of Troy by the Greeks. It is considered the biggest and the most gruesome war of the Greek mythology and so far several poems and plays have been written by the Greek poets and authors describing the incidences and that took place during the war, the valour of some specific soldiers, the importance of Gods and their role during the war etc. One of the most notable works describing the it was The Iliad by Homer. The movie ‘Troy’ was clearly heavily influenced or rather was a loose adaptation of the Iliad and both the movie and the poem had the same overall plots, such as the dispute or enmity between warrior Achilles and King Agamemnon, and these events being triggered when Trojan prince Paris ‘stole’ King Menelaus’s(Agamemnon’s brother) wife, Helen, daughter of Zeus, considered to be the most beautiful woman. However, there are major differences regarding many factors of these plots which include several characters dying in the Iliad but surviving in the movie Troy, the time and the death of characters and the relationship between characters. The Gods played a very major role in the Trojan war according to the mention in the Iliad. But in the movie only one Goddess, Thetis,Achilles’s mother is shown but she is not explicitly mentioned as a Goddess. And Achilles does mention in the movie that he has…

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