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Her future plans include moving to Greece with her family after school and in the future focusing on her studies with either phycology or international relations at the University of Thessaloniki in Greece. After she successfully completes her University course she would love to move to Spain for two years while working within the field she studied. Afterwards she would like to buy a house in either Corfu (her home town in Greece) or Adelaide possibly along with a beautiful family of her own. If she could visit one place on earth it would be Mexico. Mexico was introduced to her from a young age through a Mexican cartoon called “Speedy Gonzales”. As she grew up she would get even more motivated through her Spanish studies as she learnt more about the language and culture which also got her even more excited about visiting this Latin American country.

The aspects of her culture she is especially proud of is that Greeks make a living, no matter the difficulty. They always have fun and live their lives this shows how strong Greeks truly are. Moving on from Greece and going to Australia, Eleni loves the geographical differences such as the differences between the states in Australia, how in one state there is a dessert, in another high snowy mountains and another can be Tropical with lots of beautiful trees and fountains. One thing she cannot understand about Australia is the Australian families, how and why they are so afraid of the outside world and
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