The Big Bang Theory: The Misconceptions Of The Big Bang Theory

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There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the big bang theory. Contrary to it’s very basic title, the theory is quite complex. The theory suggests that the universe started at a central point and then exploded outward. Stars and galaxies followed after about half a billion years. I picked this topic because this theory has always both fascinated and confused me. By writing this paper, I hope to explain this concept in a clear way, while also enhancing my knowledge on this controversial topic. Many people do not accept the big bang theory because of the religious aspects. The big bang is a theory that combines science and doctrine, which makes it so unique.
Edwin Hubble shocked the world with a theory that states that the universe is constantly
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Despite the name, scientists suggest that there was no “big bang.” In fact, there was no explosion at all. There was, and continues to be, an expansion of the universe. Another unknown fact is that scientist hypothesize that there was no space at all before the big bang. This mind boggling fact continues to mystify scientists today. The last misconception I will discuss is the fact that many people think that stars and galaxies are flying away from the Milky Way. This is true to an extent. In actuality, the space between the galaxies are expanding. These misunderstandings make the big bang theory hard to grasp for most people.
Many people reject the idea of the big bang because of the Bible. Religious people think that the big bang theory is not valid because they think that God created the universe. Although scientists have tried to reason with them and say that they are not denying the existence of God, they refuse to listen. As a Christian, I firmly believe that the Bible is true. I believe that God did create the universe. The Bible does not say HOW God created the universe, only that He did. He could have created the universe using the big bang, which is why it is so

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