The Big Bang Theory Is The Most Plausible Scientific Theory? Essay examples

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Humans are curious by nature, and from the time the human species became more intellectual (beyond basic survival instincts), one begins to question the existence of themselves and the environment they live in. Some humans looked towards a higher power, a creator of all. While some were happy to accept that as their answer, others were skeptical of the world and began to look for evidence while others had their accidental ‘Eureka’ moment. The Big Bang Theory is the main theory that has been developed to explain the factors that prompted the creation of the Universe. The Big Bang theory is the most plausible scientific theory to how the Universe began.
The Big Bang interprets the universe existence came from a singular matter. The word singularly is used to define matters and zones that help individuals have a better understanding in Physics. Singularly in relation to the Big Bang theory is compared to black holes found in space, Black hole matter exist under intense pressure. The pressure in these holes is known to be very intense to the extent that it can break fine matter into infinitely density. In the Big Bang theory, the universe is thought to have originated as infinite matter that was infinitely hot and dense in the form of a singularity . However, it is not clear where the singularity that comes to become the universe originated from.
It is after its emergence in the form of a singularly that the inflated matter eventually expanded and cooled down. It is through…

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