The Big Bang Theory By Georges Lemaitre Essay example

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The reason humanity exists is a mystery. This conundrum is what drives society to have existential crises. What domino effect could have led to the rarity of life? The origin of the universe is something that can never be fully understood. A widely accepted theory is that the universe began with a big bang. An attempt to cure people of their existentialism has been calculated. The big bang theory suggests that at one point the universe was small enough to hold in the palm of a human hand. Then in a miniscule fraction of a second it expanded to the size of the Earth. It then continued to grow at a similar pace in every direction. The big bang theory was first hypothesized in 1927 by a scientist named Georges Lemaitre. This theory is accepted because of the deep research that backs it up. However it is not accepted by everyone. Nor is it officially established. Which creates an argument of whether or not the universe started with a big bang. Despite there being multiple explanations to this puzzlement, there is only one theory that conquers based on logical sense. Even though the big bang is just a theory many scientist have found evidence to make the theory more believable.
The big bang symbolizes the instant the universe began. When time and space came into existence all matter in the cosmos launched into expansion. The big bang is the most thought out resolution to why everything exists. According to the standard theory, our universe sprang into existence as a singularity…

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