The Biblical Position On War Essay

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Throughout the lives of the human race, one may or may not follow a specific religion. Within the Christian religion there are different denominations. In Christianity, there are over 400,000 different denominations. So the bible may be miss interpreted from these numerous denominations. Individuals may be unaware of some of the specific topics that are spoken about within the bible. One topic that the bible does mention is war. War is defined as “a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.” ( War does not only have to be between nations, states or groups; war can also be between people, and in our every day challenges with ourselves. The biblical position on war is not written as right or wrong, but can be narrowed down with different that theologians have studied the specific subject of war within the bible.
“The issues that tears the Christian conscience is not whether war is good, but whether it is in all cases entirely avoidable” (c. Holmes 117). Throughout life evil can not be avoided entirety, and this is when the moral dilemmas come into play. Knowing which choice is morally right based off of the beliefs of some’s self. Then when making the decision we don’t know what is truly right or wrong. “Right and wrong are not just a matter of the good or evil we produce. They involve both act and intent.” (c. 118). When reading the Old Testament, it states that “you shall not murder” Exodus…

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