Fall Of Man

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The fall of man occurred due to temptation that Eve fell into inside the Garden of Eden. Although there were certain rules put in place and Eve ultimately knew what she should and should not do and temptation became too strong for her and she made a deliberate choice to pick an apple and share it with her husband Adam. Throughout my time in church and numerous sermons preached by Pastors I have formed an image in my head of the moment the fall of man occurred. As I have grown up I have come to realize that although the choice of one person changed the world we must remember that Eve was just an ordinary person who struggled with temptation from Satan.
Fall of Man

Theological Definition: The Bible provides many tools which can be utilized in our lives to avoid situations that we might find ourselves in which
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In my personal upbringing I was taught that temptation by itself was sin because the thought of doing evil should be avoided in our minds, and when we have thoughts that provoke evil we have half way made the choice to follow the acts. As an adult and through this course I have gained the knowledge through the Bible that temptation on its own is not sin, it is at the point of temptation that we decide to follow through or back away. In my own life I have temptations and still struggle to avoid situations that will lead me into the sin I am fully aware will occur.
In conclusion, while the fall occurred directly from Eve’s choice to pick fruit due to her temptation from the serpent, we all still do have the ability to make a different choice in our own lives. The fall of man is an important aspect each Christian should examine as it provides a lesson which can teach the weight behind every single action. When the fa1l of man is examined temptation which is closely intertwined into the story should also be

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