The Bible 's Book Of Genesis And The Histories By Herodotus Essay

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In entry level psychology classes, students are taught that organisms are hardwired to reproduce, making sure their genes are passed along, so the species does not go extinct. At a biological level, humans are meant to have children, and if not they technically diminish the longevity of their species. This primal need to produce offspring has deeply embedded itself into human society. One could argue that life itself is pointless without children to carry on a family’s lineage and honor. This idea is so entrenched in society that it is even suggested numerous times in famous works such as the Bible’s Book of Genesis and The Histories by Herodotus. The ideas of fertility being a blessing controlled by a higher power, of procreation as a necessity, and of children being a powerful and fundamental part of the culmination of a happy, successful life are just a few examples that are woven into the plot of these works. God picks favorites. This statement is evident after completing the Book of Genesis. The highly favored are often fertile. So what of the damned? The Lord blots them out! He “[destroys] them along with the earth” in a mighty flood (Gen. 6:13-4). He takes away their ability to reproduce and continue filling the earth with violence and sin. What have the lives of the dead amounted to? Nothing. The text makes it very clear that God has punished the wicked with death removing their DNA from the gene pool, rendering their lives and life works pointless. However, Noah,…

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