Love Letter To Christianity

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Today, we are going to learn truths concerning a Treasure that we all have. Thanksgiving recently passed, and we were thankful for many things. What were you thankful for? I am honestly thankful for the book we have in front of us today: it is our treasure: it is how we know God. I begin today with this question, what is the primary, main, purpose of this Bible? Exactly, it is a book that mainly reveals how a loving God saved humanity. It is, as many have put it, a love letter. However, in this love letter, God uses history and mysteries to show how He loved and currently loves humanity. For example, it is a history book because it reveals stories concerning humanity and its stories. Who can tell me a story? Yes, and the first story to ever …show more content…
It is in the New Testament where we find the ultimate blessing, who is, no other than, Jesus Christ. In the perfect moment, Jesus Christ came to die on a cross. Can anyone tell me why did Jesus Christ come to the world? Yes, Jesus Christ came to die for humanity’s sins. That includes you. He died for your sins. Everyone in this room has sinned, has done wrong in the eyes of God. All of us, deserve God’s punishment, but instead, He sent His Son, who is, Himself in flesh, to be a sacrifice. He took your spot on that cross. Because we have done wrong, we deserve the cross, but God took it from us. Because we have done wrong, we deserve hell, but God paid the price. Why do you think He did this? It is simply that He loves you, and, He will never stop loving you. Sadly, after the death of Jesus, the only people who knew this good news, that is, Jesus died for our sins, were the Jews, the descendants of Abraham. Why do you think the Jews were the only ones who kept the good news? Well, it was that just as you saw those animals dirty, they saw the other humans as dirty. Does God view some people cleaner than others? No, all without Christ are dirty: the Jew and Gentile alike. According to Paul quoted in Romans 3:10, “There’s nobody living right, not even one, nobody who knows the score, nobody alert for God. (MSG) There’s none righteous, no, not one.” But to them, the majority believed that they were better when in all reality, God loved everyone the same. It does not matter the color of your skin, the language you speak, and the shoes you wear, God loves you all the same. Is God a racist God? Absolutely not, God loves all people. But unfortunately, the Jews were acting as such and consequently did not spread the Gospel. They thought the Gentiles were evil. However, through God’s Holy Spirit, Philipp, a man of God, went to speak to a Eunuch who was not

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