The Bible : The Book Of Beginnings Essays

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The Bible begins with the book of Genesis, also known as the book of beginnings. Genesis is the first of five books collectively referred to as the Pentateuch. The name is derived from the first word of the LXX, which is translated to mean beginning. Most scholars agree that the book consist of two parts, chapters 1-11 and 12-50. The first section is referred to as the primeval history, beginning with creation, and concluding with the genealogy of Shem. There are some who offer other suggested endings of this section, regardless it does not change the prominences of this section. Genesis as a whole is comprised of ten sections. Each section is marked off by the “toledoth formula.” David Dorsey notes, “In each instance, x is a person or entity that has already been introduced to the audience in the preceding unit; the material that follows deals with descendant(s) of or subsequent developments from x. This formula delineates seven units in Genesis 1-11.” These toledoth markers have been the defining elements for several years as to the main sections and subsections throughout the book of Genesis. Yet, there seems to be more structure than just the toledoths. Identifying such will shine light into the possible meaning of the text. Gary Smith agrees that the toledoth formula is the primary structural characteristic. He suggest, “A more through look at the structural unity of the repeated and interrelated themes and phrases indicates that a much more significant creative…

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