Essay about The Bible Stories About Jesus Performing Miracles

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Growing up I always remember hearing all the Bible stories about Jesus performing miracles. From feeding the 10,000, to healing the leper, to even turning water into wine. As a child I never really questioned the idea of Christ performing miracles. They were always just the stories I heard in Sunday School and Church, they never seemed anything less than spectacular. I found it so interesting that my Jesus, the one who died on the cross from me, had that much power. There was never room to question whether or not they truly did happen. When you grow up being taught only that, sometimes it is a bit of a shock to step into the real world and see the different things people struggle with understanding when to you, its nothing less than a good Bible story. In the 2nd objection of Case for Faith, I found it interesting to see Christ’s miracles being explained in a different light. More in a defense mode, rather than a story telling mode. As I said before, growing up I never questioned them, and to this day I still claim them to be true, but it is interesting to really see the depth in questions of what a lot of people feel when contemplating Christianity.
Throughout this objection, William Lain Craig, puts up some amazing points on how Jesus truly was able to preform many miracles. He gave some great comparisons to miracles and science as well as being very understanding to both sides of the spectrum. I mean if you think about it, trying to figure out God and Christianity…

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