The Bible Should Be Accepted As Historically Accurate And As A Reliable Guide

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The Bible has always been a facinating amongs people, and face some crititisms from some who belived it to be inaccurate. The Bible has been questioned by many scholars in the field of biblical criticism. Critics always questioned the authenticity of its content, its roots and the credibility of q the authors. After watching all these videosI think the Bible should be accepted as historically accurate and as a reliable guide to morality . It was interesting to learned these fascinating fact about the bible such as it selling over six billion copies. It is obvious why some are skeptical about the credibility of the Bible. Looking at how long it took to write the bible, being tranlated multiple times in multiple languages, and the fact that it took forty writers to write it I think begs the question of just how credible or authentic it is? These videos gave me a good insight in to the Bible. Prior to watching these videos, I had a vague notion of the bible and its authors. Such as the date of the first English translation by William Tyndale and his eventual persecution, the first English Bible to be translated in to chapter and verses the Geneva Bible, John Wycleff having an associate.
Video 2 did a good job disproving those critics of the Bible because it backed the reliability of the bible with concrete evidence such as the books in video 2 which were original autographs of the authors. The outside evidence such as geography, ancient history, and archaeology.…

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