Essay on The Bible And The Exodus

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There are many differences between the Exodus described in the Bible and the Exodus shown in the 2007 film The Ten Commandments. From how Moses found out that he was a Hebrew to the one responsible of making the Golden Calf, the stories within the movie accommodate to its audience; the children. In addition to the difference in names for the LORD, the film focuses on portraying Moses and Aaron as exceptional men in the eyes of God, while the Bible has a more bitter, realistic feeling to it. The contrasts between the two stories cause a great effect upon the intended audience that could affect the later generations’ knowledge of Biblical stories.
Before continuing, I would like to give some honorable mentions; the Ten Commandments and the Ten Plagues. Even within Bibles the accounts of which Ten Plagues God placed on Egypt and the separation of the Ten Commandments differ. Moreover, although the movie is titled The Ten Commandments, it does not focus so much on the actual commandments than it does on the story of how Israel got them. The same applies to the Ten Plagues; the time allotted to them was very short probably because it was a back and forth from Pharaoh to God. With this in mind, I decided not to include these in the paper.
The first example of this contrast occurs when Moses kills the Egyptian who was mistreating a Hebrew. In the Bible it reads, “He looked this way and that, and seeing no one he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand”. Some of the conclusions…

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