The Bible And Gender Equality Essay

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The most important reference to gender equality in the Bible surely must be when the Word of God declares his universal love for all mankind. God, who sent his Son to save the world, so that no-one would be lost, showed in this one act just how impartial he is. In John chapter 3 verse 16 the Apostle John writes that God loved ‘the world’ so intensely He ‘gave His one and only Son’ so to create the opportunity for ‘everyone’ to have eternal life.
This verse does not contain a single reference to gender. It is written to include the widest audience possible. The verse refers to the geographical area covered by God’s love; ‘the world’. No area is excluded. The verse also refers to ‘everyone’. No man, woman or ethnic group is excluded. ‘God shows no favoritism’ and therefore, with certainty, we may correctly conclude no gender based favoritism exist in God. (Acts chapter 10, verse 34).

When it comes to the Holy Spirit, gender equality is guaranteed. The Holy Spirit treats everyone the same, He came for everyone. Joel chapter 2 verse 28 records, ‘… I will pour out My Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy ‘. There is no difference between sons and daughters when it comes to prophesy. This is confirmed in the next verse which states ‘In those days I will pour my Spirit even on servants —men and women alike.’ Note that this verse says ‘alike’, meaning when God pours His spirit on people, men and woman wil be treated identical, equally and similarly.…

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