The Bible And Biblical Tradition Essay

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One of the key aspects to the Catholic Religion and its teaching is the idea of Biblical tradition and its place within the society of the Church and its followers. The Role and importance of Biblical tradition and its relation to other traditions such as the Apostolic have been going on since the foundation of Christianity itself. Is role has been thought out in the minds of men, and in battlefields the world over. The Biblical tradition is a story, a story that is part of the far larger portrait that makes up the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. Biblical Tradition is seen however, not just within Catholicism, it is a debated topic within various Protestant circles such as the Church of England and Lutheranism.
However, before one can look into the role of the Bible and Biblical tradition within the Catholic Church, one must first have a quick look at how the other various Christian groups regard the Bible. For the purpose of this essay, we will group the major two Protestant movements; Fundamentalist and Evangelical in lieu of the hundreds of smaller group, as they almost all can be grouped into one of these two groups (I.e. Lutheran into Fundamentalist). The vast majority if Protestant Christians adhere to the teaching of Martin Luther, and his theory of Sola Scriptura. This idea, while apparently at first glance supported by various verses from the bible, namely the two following; , "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof,…

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