Essay on The Between Violence And Nonviolence

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In every part of the world, in every era of history, there have been revolutionary leaders that work to bring about change in their society or government. These revolutionary leaders follow a variety of tactics, including protests. Two differing approaches include non violent and radical protests. But which approach is more successful and why? Or in other words, to what extent are peaceful protests more or less effective than violent protests towards governmental and cultural change?
To be effective means, “producing a result that is wanted, having an intended effect,” according to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary. But in the context of protests, effectiveness can be measured by the greatest cultural and governmental change it brought about. Two types of changes I will be investigating are the long term and short term outcomes.
It is important to also differentiate violence and peacefulness, even though it may be obvious. Even with peaceful agendas, violence can still interfere. So where is the line between violence and nonviolence? This seems only possible to be determined case by case.
To be able to evaluate protests, it is important to understand the reason behind why people protest. According to Van Stekelenburg and Klandermans’ article on “The Social Psychology of Protests,” protests are rooted in people 's need to express their grievances of “relative deprivation, frustration, or perceived injustice.” These expressions can be affected by “prior learning, strength…

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