Essay on The Between Rural And Rural Areas

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Who calls the city home? For seventy percent of the american population the city is considered home. However, for 19.3 percent of americans rural areas are considered home. The debate between the benefits of living in the city versus rural areas can sway in any direction. Interestingly, the population living in cities only inhabit 3.5 percent of the land mass. Given the higher population densities in the city, rural areas differ dramatically. A distinct can be perceived between those who live in cities versus those that live in rural areas. Three main topics of difference include freedom, safety, and privacy.

Freedom is something that everybody seeks. Thankfully here in America our values are centered around freedom. The definition of freedom is defined differently between city and rural life. Using constitutional rights, city goers can often be limited by population density. As asserted above, the density within city borders far exceeds those found in rural areas. This being said a lack of space results in far less area for one to move about freely. There is a much greater area to person ratio found in rural areas, offering a greater freedom of movement. Also many city mandates are enforced on top of the lack of movement. Furthermore, as asserted by Trent Hamm, “To maintain the same standard of living, your salary of $85,000 in Boston, Massachusetts could decrease to $52,759 in Des Moines, Iowa.” This being said, financial opportunities are more abundant in urban…

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