The Between Roman And Greek Art Essay

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With the Roman Empire 's borders expanding and engulfing all of their enemies, a mixture of cultures and individual ideas creates the first hub of the ancient world. The spread of ideas such as religion and language not only benefitted the Roman Empire but the conquered nations as well. Along with prosperity in trade and economics, comes the enhance of Roman art. One such location that particularly benefitted from this spread of ideas was the Villas of Oplontis. This collection of two villas near Pompeii served as a preserved utopia of Roman and Greek art that was protected due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. One such individual that was frequently found in these villas was the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. This goddess of beauty served as a symbol of divinity, as well as, creating a conversation about the aforementioned Roman and Greek connection. The images of Aphrodite, as seen in the Villas of Oplantis, served as a means to display luxury and divinity, as well as, showing the cultural connection with other countries through the use of allusion and artistic style. The location of the goddess Aphrodite allows the figure to serve a different purpose depending on the location of the statue. The first location of Aphrodite that would have been seen by individuals entering Villa A through the primary entrance would be a white marble bust found amongst three other heads. The use of marble in art was something that was directly taken from the Greeks, but the use of just the head…

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