Essay about The Between Roman And Byzantine Empires

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Throughout the period of 1150 B.C.E up until about 300 B.C.E the interaction between the Persian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires have shaped each culture. Through war, trade, religion, migration and expansion these Empire have clashed, and merged and scattered. Although Each Empire varies in core values, government, literature and art, it is easy to find connections to one another through the timeline of each individual Empire. The competition for territory and advancements pushed these cultures forward, in action and reaction to each other; each empire effected one another in unique ways. Some values and beliefs and customs carried on through time, changed to fit the needs of the individual culture or were tossed out altogether. Despite the differences, the four Empires shared the common goal of new wealth, closeness to god (or gods) and establishment of government; each has grand triumphs and tragic failures.
Persia was the first dominating Empire to conquer a vast amount of territory. The Persian Empire bore a strict, yet stabilizing, government. Persia was ruled by one King, rather a dictator, who wanted to conquer all of Egypt. Similar to the byzantine ruler, King Xerxes imposed a harsh rule; he created strict laws and strict punishments (Huot, 2015). Under Xerxes aggressive rule Persia prospered. A large amount of lands were conquered by Persia’s large military. Unlike the Byzantine and Roman Empire, Persia’s military had many different branches; this was the key…

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