The Between Right And Wrong Through God 's Eyes Not Through Humanities Laws

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1. Living in a society controlled by the church would have some advantages if its controlled by the church the citizens believe in. Since birth, the church teaches and challenges its followers to live up to a certain moral conduct everyday. With this mindset instilled in people’s minds, society would have less violence and become very positive to live in. Citizens would want to take care of their community and provide the help needed to establish a society with high ethics and morals that they were taught. Everybody would value each other.
2. Some disadvantages would be that the uniqueness of the individual and the respect to honor their beliefs would be taken away. The church would decide the difference between right and wrong through God’s eyes not through humanities laws. For example, the Catholic church says to pardon all sinners, but in eyes of the government the so called sinners, or wrongdoers, are imprisoned depending on the crime. I would be very curious to see how the church would handle matters as this when dealing with lawbreakers. Would the church be strict in justice or forgiving and merciful?

Chapters 1-5

1. The story of the Scarlet Letter starts by saying how a slothful servant or an unruly child would be whipped and witches like Mistress Hibbins would be hanged. In this Puritan society, a light penalty was handled as seriously as the death penalty. The magistrates were civil officers who administered the law; they used the scaffold to promote…

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