The Between Reconstruction And The Original Brickwork Essay

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Throughout a large portion of the third century CE, the Flavian Amphitheater underwent reconstruction due to severe damage. In 217 CE, the structure was damaged severely by a fire that was caused by lightning. “The hunting theatre was struck by thunderbolts on the very day of the Vulcanalia [the 23rd of August], and such a blaze followed that its entire upper circuit and everything in the arena was consumed, and thereupon the rest of the structure was ravaged by the flames and reduced to ruins…. In consequence of this disaster the gladiatorial show was held in the stadium for many years.” Repairs began under Elagabalus who reigned from 218 to 222 CE and continued by Severus Alexander reigning from 222 to 235 CE. During this phase of reconstruction, gladiatorial spectacles were still held but according to Dio they were held in a stadium, possibly the Circus Maximus. A substantial part of the amphitheater that was thought to be original is now know to be from this reconstruction phase. Figure 9 shows the differences between the reconstruction and the original brickwork. When looking closely, the left hand side has thinner mortar joints between thicker bricks whereas the right side has thicker mortar joints with thinner bricks. The left hand side is that of the original construction and the right hand side is from the reconstruction in the third century CE. The white patch in the middle is a modern day repair. This was not the only time a natural phenomenon damaged the…

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