The Between Mexico And Australia Essay

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Global inequality is one of the least talked about subjects, but it is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Mexico and Australia are two countries that, when compared, are a prime example global inequality. From observing the interesting facts and statistics obtained from the research on these two countries, Mexico and Australia are very diverse to one another. These two countries share many similarities on the surface, but differ strongly in both culture and economy. The largest difference between Mexico and Australia is that of population. When looking at a world map, you can clearly see that Australia is nearly two to three times the size of Mexico. However, Mexico has over five times the population of Australia. Australia has a population of 24,000,000, whereas Mexico has a population of 129,213,256 (“Australia Population”, n.d.; “Mexico Population”, 2016). Mexico is severely overcrowded compared to Australia, which is why we see so many illegal immigrants here in America, because there is no room and space for job opportunities in their own country. One of the things I found most interesting was how these two different countries choose to identify themselves when it comes to race and ethnicity. Australia clearly and concisely labels people by race: Caucasians, Asians, and others (“Ethnicity and Race,” n.d.). Mexico, however, chooses instead to identify its citizens not by race, but by culture. “Australia Population” (n.d.) says, “Students of Mexican…

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