The Between Local And Global Environment Essays

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In the globalized world of the 21st century, the boundary between the local and global has thinned: weather in Iowa effects food prices in the Middle east and one can text their friend ten-thousand miles away in less time than it would take to have a conversation with their neighbor. People around the world are becoming more connected (global).
However, simultaneously, many are reasserting the value of localism in a diverse array of ways ranging from heightened nationalism to the emergence of local food movements. Therefore, it would be a mistake to assume the world is simply becoming more homogenized; instead, a complex mosaic of local and global forces act together to redefine the local in the process of glocalization (Ericsen 7). By examining key features of globalization, such as deterritorialization, space-time compression, and contemporary international migration exemplified by the Tamil of Sri Lanka, it becomes clear that these phenomena of globalization haven’t induced a monolithic movement toward global homogeny. Instead, globalization has led to an increased awareness and reorganization of the local that includes multiple modes of localism. Space-time compression is a process that has progressed rapidly over the past 180 years (especially since the 1980’s), where technological advances in communication and transportation have effectively shrunk the world. A journey that would have taken months in the early 1800’s now takes just hours, and the speed of…

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