Essay on The Between Female And Female Dominated Occupations

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The workforce varies in gender composition based on occupation. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of factors that can drive an individual to select a certain occupation. In male and female dominated occupations the salaries differ which relates to the concept of occupational segregation based on gender. This all becomes evident when looking at a male dominated profession, such as mechanical engineering with only 8.8% women, a female dominated profession, such as preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers with 97.2% women and a gender neutral occupation, such as postsecondary teachers with 50.2% women.
There are a variety of factors that can drive an individual to select a certain profession and result in occupational segregation, such as consumption, media, and social pressures. In regards to consumption, all individuals consume goods and they play a role in teaching gender which later influences profession. Children are heavy consumers in the market and one of the key things that they consume are toys which target gender. Girls are expected to have toys such as baby dolls as they are expected to be nurturing. The full implications of this can be understood when looking at the female dominated profession of kindergarten and preschool teachers. This is a profession that requires nurturing and caretaking that young girls are taught from childhood through their toys. Boys on the other hand, are given toys such as Legos, which they use to build and construct.…

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