The Between Earth And Mars And Earth 's Climate Essay

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Have you ever wanted to live on another planet? Many children throughout time have always dreamt of this great childhood idea, who would have ever imagined that it might be a possibility that some day people will see Mars with their own eyes. It seems so bizarre to believe that this might actually happen. Many movies that have been made in the past such as “Mission to Mars” and “The Martian” make the public more and more interested/ intrigued about the actual idea of humans actually some day stepping for on the planet. Mars, as we know, may very well be the next planet for human habitation due to findings of direct evidence of water, the comparability between Earth and Mars, and the planet’s climate. As children people have so many dreams and have such a great imagination. One of the most common dreams and occupation that children want to have and fulfill is to become an astronaut and travel through space. When asked what her childhood dream was (Hernandez, Personal Communication, 10/19/2016) said that she always dreamt of being able to space travel, she wanted to become an astronaut. She also stated that she would spend a lot of time looking at the internet trying to gain knowledge on the solar system and the many planets of which it holds. She actually became a nurse but the point is that just like her, many children share that dream of being able to fly into space and someday being able to set foot onto another planet. With all the research that has been done throughout…

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