Essay about The Between Creon And Antigone

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First of all the relationship that these two characters are very distinctive for the reason the one person wants to bury her brother while the other person thinks that was a traitor therefore this is the friction cause in between these two characters. The names of these two characters are Antigone, the beloved sister of the two brothers named Polynices and Eteocles. While the other character’s name is Creon, the head of the monarchy. The answer to this assignment is that the Creon and Antigone treat each other poorly. Due to the fact that Creon’s Watchman was spying on who ever buried the “traitor” that is Polynices. In which was Antigone, then she treats Creon with no respect of what so ever because she does not and would not obey the law of men over the law of the gods, in which are the “powerful ones.” An my proof to demonstrate that I am not wrong is that on Scene two, lines 358 through 374, Antigone’s Speech, and this shows and states that she isn’t going to have no respect what so ever to Creon. In which, it starts like this “…not God’s proclamation. That final Justice.” An my other proof that on Scene two, lines 375 through 393 on the Choragus it shows the actions and what is happening with them two. Including that Antigone is an insolent person that makes Creon look like a fool and a powerless monarch. In addition, another friction or tension that these two characters have is that Creon does not like the people that disobeys his proclamation or another name that is…

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