Essay about The Between Congress And The Presidency

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There has long been a complex and changing relationship between Congress and the presidency. Many variables contribute to the creation of the dynamic rivalry in government. The lack of bipartisanship and the increase in partisan politics has played a key role. The current circumstances between the Congress and presidency are dysfunctional.

History plays an important role in understanding the rivalry between Congress and the presidency. The framers created the enduring rivalry with the establishment of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution separated the three branches of government but combined their function. The branches of government have shared powers, which creates conflict. The Congress has all of the legislative authority but the president can recommend and veto legislation. The presidential veto is one of the most powerful functions of the presidency due to the threat of use as a bargaining tool. It can be used to bend Congress to the president’s will. These shared powers are what create the checks and balances in government. The framers wanted to create a check and balance system not a master-servant relationship. The framers created the check and balance system to ensure that the president did not become like the English monarchs who abused them. It also was made so only through cooperation can the government be productive. Over time the relationship between Congress and the presidency has changed from a healthy rivalry to total dysfunction. The…

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