The Between Chinese And Chinese Culture Essay

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the Chinese treat others and how they are able to improve themselves through personal endeavor shows that they are worthy of the practice of Heaven in virtue-form. These ideologies of Confucianism that constitute the core of the Chinese family contrasts with the way mental illness is managed, in that sympathy is not shown nor is the proper treatment provided. Those affected by a mental disorder are neglected and treated as if they were invisible.
Conversely, in America, individualism and self-reliance are two qualities that are stressed. When compared to Chinese values, American values place reliance and obligation to family as a lower priority than it does on self-authority or developing personal beliefs. American culture determines that individuals are adults at the age of 18 - able to take care of themselves and maintain the responsibility needed to survive without the aid of family. In the United States, it is common knowledge that this newfound maturity goes hand in hand with the 18 years of experience: “The change in legal status may be especially surprising nowadays for parents who try to control so many aspects of their children’s lives. So when their offspring turn 18 and gain the ability to vote, serve on a jury, sign a contract and marry without parental consent, it may be the first time they have ever had any real autonomy” (Tugend).
Family honor is not always a significant component with this coming of age in typical American families since family members are…

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