Essay about The Between China And The Han Dynasty

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Roughly around the first century C.E, Northern China was ruled by the Han Dynasty. This Dynasty promoted a philosophy that was based off of Confucianism through their own government. Confucianism was built around social order and peace through patriarchy. Majority of the time men were the only gender to have a say in government. North Chinese women were always left out of their beliefs in community. Their role was to honor her husband and take care of the house chores and to reproduce. North China was a society that followed a patriarchy way of life. The government relied on the relationship of husband and wife to make themselves look like a successful society. Patriarchy was a way that the community functioned. You had the higher government officials at the top and the women and children at the bottom. The men were often right above women as they were the ones controlling them in the household. It wasn’t until a family member of the Han Dynasty, Ban Zhao, started to bring attention to women in the community as well as educate them through her own written document. This document touched on the patriarchal roles and her main purpose was to educate young women on what their expectations were going to be at their level in the system, and how that affected her relationship with her husband.
In the document “Lessons for a Woman” written by Ban Chao. She talks about what women should expect in their relationship with her husband in a patriarchal society. This was key in his…

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