The Between Athens And Athens Essay

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Who would have thought that one of the greatest rivalries in the ancient world stemmed from a former friendship? The Spartans and Athenians started out as allies fighting against the Persian to becoming fierce rivals fighting in Greece. With the increase in naval power of the Athenians to the jealousy of the Spartans, the two Greek city-states would not have the same military might that they once possessed after the conflict was finally resolved.
Athens began as a small city-state and grew to embody the Greek virtues and prestige (Mark). Rumor is that the city was named after the Greek God Athena. The early Mycenaean period (1550-1100 BCE) gave rise to Athens. The aristocrats were in control of the land and the government of Athens and enslaved the poorer classes and landowners. There were a few issues that were wrong with Athens. The first was the inconsistency of the law. The first set of law was written by Draco but he his punishments were so harsh that they had to be rewritten. They relied on the knowledge of a statesman by the name of Solon to rewrite the laws and he helped to lay the groundwork for democracy in Athens (Mark). Athens had hit its pinnacle under the leadership of their Navy General Pericles. He helped to dictate law and this allowed Athens to be one of the cultural centers of the world. The Athenian encouraged arts and science. St Augustine referred to Athens as, “the mother or wet-nurse of all the liberal arts and so many important philosophers…

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