Essay on The Between Aboriginal Peoples And Their Tribal System

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The first source is a quotation from Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, regarding the Aboriginal peoples and their tribal system. The source states, “The Canadian Government will do away with the tribal system, and assimilate the Indian people in all respect with the inhabitants of the Dominion.” This source presents the idea that the relationship between the Aboriginals and the Federal government in Canada at the time was very harmful and demonstrated a lack of respect towards the First Nations. At the time, the Prime Ministers plan was to assimilate the Indigenous people and their culture. This progressed on for nearly five hundred years where there was the concept of Imperialism, The implementation of the Indian Act, residential schools and other varying conflicts between the two groups. Over time, the Indian Act played a major role in the government 's attempt to assimilate the Aboriginals. Agreements in the Indian act granted the Government of Canada with a wide-ranging authority over the lives of Aboriginal peoples and communities. Through the Indian Act, the government determined where the Aboriginal youth went to school, the management of all Indigenous titled land and economic resources, which all prohibited them from configuring Indigenous cultures. Over years of unfair interactions between the two groups, inequality towards the Aboriginals became a theme and this created a big gap in the relationship between Canada and the Indians. Conflicts like a series of…

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